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Sunday, December 27, 2009

In My Mailbox (25): Christmas Edition!

In My Mailbox
Yeah so I know I said a while back that there wouldn't be any IMMs this month but every one else was doing special ones for Christmas and I felt left out.

~ ARC Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon and some swag (The Page Flipper)
~Sisters in Sanity by Gayle Forman
~Signed! Purge by Sarah Darer Littman (Roboloblyn's Universe of Books)
~Signed! Meridian by Amber Kizer (I Heart Monster)
~Signed! One Butt Cheek at a Time by Amber Kizer (Included with Meridian. Surprise bonus I guess. lol. Thanks Amber!)
~Invisible I by Stella Lennon (Mrs. Magoo Reads)
~Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman and some swag (Don't Lose My Place!)

For Review
~Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi (From Publisher)
~Signed! Rising Shadow by Jacquelyn Wheeler (From Author)


Christmas Presents!
Oh so thankful for relatives with money even if mom and I don't. Was so surprised by the presents I got this year.

Picture #1 (From Mom)
~i-Pod dock
~Sterling Silver Heart Necklace with a Poem (It has little bells that jingle inside the heart pendent!)
~Two pairs of jeans
~Flannel plaid shirt
~Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
~Money (From dad)

Picture #2 (From Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin in Texas)
~ 3 Bottles of Guess perfume (Which smell oh so good.)
~Georgia Bulldawg Sunglasses (It's like they knew the two pair I had were broke. XD)
~Oakley Sunglasses (Um seriously?! Wow!)
~Coach Purse
~Ralph Lauren Blanket (Very soft!)

Picture #3
~Kids size Snuggie for my little ole 5'2" self. (Yes it and the socks fit perfectly. From Gran and uncle)
~Two t-shirts and pair of jeans (From Aunt and two cousins)


The Book Explorer said...

You got some awesome stuff for Christmas!

The purse is cute!

I still haven't read Meridian. =/ Hmmm....Must note to get that...

Enjoy your stuff!


The Sweet Bonjour said...

You got some lovely presents and books! I was wondering if I should buy The Amanda Project today but I wasn't sure about it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

INCiDeNT (Kayleigh) said...

Awesome Christmas items! Bad Blood seems to be a good book. Enjoy!

Mine is here.

Sandy said...

Nice flannel shirt! And jeans! (I LOVE new jeans, lol.) I got a purse too ;)

Lol, I didn't do any Christmas IMMs... I barely got anything (book-related) this month. ;P But whatevs. I'm glad your Christmas was plentiful and lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing books as per usual. I hope you enjoy everything! You go some really cool X-Mas presents as well. :)

Shalonda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you and your family have a very happy New Year!

Katie said...

Awesome stuff! Have Meridian, but haven't read it yet. I also have Rising Shadow. I really liked that one. Happy reading! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Briana :)
Thank you for sharing!
I love the pictures and I'm glad you had an excellent Christmastime.
Happy Holidays!

JaimeLovesStuff said...

Great Christmas haul for you! Books and goodies! Well, you deserve all the nice things! :)

Trollololol said...

Wow! Looks like you got some great presents! You won't be running out of jeans any time soon...

Thanks for your comment. :)
I've returned the favor and added your (awesome!) button to my blog. I seriously cannot believe that I hadn't found this blog before but I'm super-glad I have now!!!

I love your wishlist montage by the way.


Becca said...

What awesome gifts! I envy the Silver Phoenix and Thirteen Reasons Why books, as well as the Coach Purse and soft Ralph Lauren blanket. Can we say score?!? I can't even afford to look at that Coach Purse in that photo. Sigh.

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

You made out like bandit

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