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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Real Mermaids Don't Need High Heels Blog Tour: Giveaway & Interview!

Real Mermaids Don't Need High Heels Blog Tour
Giveaway & Interview!


TBP: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

HB: I write books for kids and teens from picture books like I DARE YOU NOT TO YAWN (Candlewick) to my REAL MERMAIDS series (Sourcebooks) for tweens.

I grew up in a really large family on a small island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean where we had sleepovers on lobster boats, hiked to secret beaches, and got chased by wild cows through forest paths. Many of my books are inspired by the fun times I had growing up with my seven siblings and many cousins and friends. I’m a compulsive walker and train for half marathons and also love dark chocolate, bacon, and lemon Perrier water (in that order).

TBP: What inspired the creation of your Real Mermaids series?

HB: Water has always been a huge part of my life. My dad is a lobster fisherman and he used to take us on boat trips from our little island off the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to the mainland where we’d sail through a canal and a boat lock to get to a fresh-water lake. I was always amazed by the purple jellyfish I saw on the ocean side, compared to the white jellyfish on the lake side of the boat lock. I often wondered; did the purple jellyfish know about the white ones and vice versa? And what other mysteries existed in those watery depths? That was the inspiration for my mer-world in the Real Mermaids series.

TBP: Your "About Me" section on your website says you grew up on an island in the Atlantic. What is it like for you not living by the water now and do you ever consider moving to some where nearer the ocean?

HB: I miss the ocean so much. I love my new town and my wonderful friends but my dream is to someday have a seaside cottage to call my own so I can spend part of my time there. Thankfully, I’m able to visit my childhood village for a few weeks every summer with my family. I look forward to it all winter!

TBP:  If you could morph into any sea creature, which would it be and why?

HB: An anemone, mostly because I love the way the word sounds.

TBP:  Describe your ideal type of day in regards to weather, temp, location, etc.

HB: I’m a spring and fall person because I hate the cold or the sweltering heat. ‘Sweater Weather’ probably describes my ideal temperature best and of course, I’d have to pick an oceanside location for my ‘ideal day’. I’d start off with an hour-long hike near the water, then return to a cozy seaside cottage (notice a theme?) get myself a hot drink and snuggle on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and a good book. Can I also have a crackling fire in the fireplace, please?

TBP: What was one of your favorite books growing up?

HB: I’m from a family of ten so books were kind of community property in our house. I remember, though, that my godfather sent me my very own hardcover Trixie Belden for Christmas one year. I cherished that book because it was mine. All mine!

TBP: Anything else you'd like to add before you go?

HB: You can connect with me @: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


If you'd like to see where I did a previous interview with Helene, you can go HERE. You can also check out my review of the first book, Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings, in the trilogy HERE. And now, if you have already read the first two, here is your chance to win the final book in the trilogy.

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You can also buy them:

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to read the third book in the series!

falses1gns at gmail dot com

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