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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Dark Divine Nail Polish Giveaway!

Though I have an ARC of The Dark Divine, I haven't had time to read it. Despite that fact, I was very excited when asked to hold a giveaway for The Dark Divine nail polish. Isn't it lovely?

~There will be two winners; each receiving one bottle of The Dark Divine nail polish.
~You MUST fill out the form to gain entry.
~Contest will end March 22nd at 11:59PM. Winners will have 48hrs to respond to email.
~Contest is only open to the US

For extra entries:
~For +3 into the contest answer TWO or more of the following three questions.

1. Have you read The Dark Divine? What were your thoughts on it?
2. Was there ever a time when you found it really hard to forgive someone? Why?
3. Why do you feel forgiveness is important?


Star Shadow said...


Yes, I have read The Dark Divine and it was simply an amazing read I didn't put the book down till I finished it.
I need to go buy myself a copy now. lol

Yes I feel it is very important to forgive, as not only does it eat away at the other person in ways it eats away at you as well.

Allison said...

I've only read a third of The Dark Divine but it was really awesome. I can't describe what made me love it so much but I'll probably find out if I read the rest.

Forgiveness is important to me because if I don't forgive, I won't be able to stop thinking about it. I'm not sure whether I forgive or forget though.

The Graef Family! said...

Oh my goodness you totally have to read The Dark Divine!!! It is such a good book!!! I LOVE IT!!! You should put it next on your to read pile. I have the nail polish also and I love it!! Its such a pretty color!! I can't wait for The Lost Saint to come out. The second in the TDD books.

Carrie said...

I am currently reading this and love it so far. I only wish there were more hours in the day and my body didn't require more than 4 hours of sleep, lol. I do think it is important to forgive, because if you did something totally stupid, you would hope that that person would forgive you, right?

InABox said...

The Dark Divine was great. I think it's only the 2nd modern book that I've given 5 out of 5 too. Flawlessly executed, beautifully written...just amazing.

Forgiveness is important because carrying a grudge or holding on to hate just saps energy from the person with the grudge. It's not worth expending that much extra energy on someone who doesn't deserve it. I also believe that in order to be forgiven, we must forgive others.

Jessy said...

I'm always a sucker for the bad boy, so of course I loved it. Can't wait to read The Lost Saint!

I always find it hard to forgive people. I don't know why. Even if I forget the reason I was mad, I knew I was mad for a reason and I still won't forgive. I know it is a bad trait and I should be working on it.

Anonymous said...

1. Have you read The Dark Divine? What were your thoughts on it?

-- Nope,I haven't read this yet. Want to but can't get it.

2. Was there ever a time when you found it really hard to forive someone? Why?

--Yes.It's hard to forgive a loved one who did something that caused pain on you daily because they were constantly getting high on all sorts of drugs and stealing your stuff and selling it so they could support their habbit.{*They've been off of drugs for many years now but it's still a work in progress on the forgiving part.But if I'm being honest I don't think I will ever forgive them completly.}

Lindsay's Photographys said...

My family was doing this thing at our house and we had familys over to do it and one of the family had a son that was about my age and he and I got into a fight and we didn't see each other for long time( about 6 year)and all of this time, I couldn't forgive him at all but I had to work with HIM on a photography job and he was nicer now and he forgotten all about the fight so I just forgive him and we became friends again. :D So yes, forgiving is VERY important, you can miss
out on all of thing by not forgiving like i did.:P

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