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Saturday, June 6, 2009

In My Mailbox (2)

In My Mailbox

Well, once his royalness got his lazy booty off my books, I was able to get them all nice and layed out. (as seen in picture 2) :P So, this is everything I got this week.
That Summer by Sarah Dessen
Drak Blue: Color Me Lonely by Melody Carlson
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg
Bad Connection by Melody Carlson
Frozen Rodeo by Catherine Clark
A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follett

Hacking Harvard by Robin Wasserman
A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr


Anonymous said...

Great week!

Rebecca said...

My cat does the exact same thing with my books. Enjoy your books.

Anna said...

What a fantastic stash! Have a lovely time reading! :)

Zoraida Cordova said...

lol love the reading cat

Cat said...

It's good that your cat appreciates literature!

Great week!

Amelia said...

Awe, I love your cat. Great book week! I Never Promised You A Rose Garden is such a great book. Happy Reading!

Anonymous said...

Great books I hope you enjoy them.=D

And I love how cats always have to lie on books or anything else that you've just placed down when there are so many others places for them to sleep lol. Ahh pets.

Shalonda said...

I have been wanting to read Hacking Harvard for a while. Hope you enjoy!

Eli said...

Your cat is adorable! I won't let my darling Kiki near my books. She might chew on them. x)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Wicked Lovely is fabulous. happy reading!

vvb32 reads said...

heard good things about A Certain Slant of Light. it's on my tbr pile too.

Marie said...

His royalness !! so cute!!

The Book Resort said...

Awww...your cat is so precious!
Enjoy your books!

Laura @ A Jane of All Reads said...

They have to be good books for the cat to sit on them, so I predict happy reading in your future. Just added A Certain Slant of Light to my TBR. Sounds interesting.

Natascha De Marco said...

Wow u gots lots of books there O.O

Jacqueline C. said...

Nice list! Here are mine. (1) and (2)

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My Partner in mean reading. :P
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