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Friday, November 25, 2011

Indie Giveaway: Anomaly by K.C. King!

Anomaly by K.C. King
Publisher: Self published.
Pub. Date: October 25th, 2011
Pages: 214
Series: The Tri-Realms Saga, #1
Age Level: Upper YA

Synopsis via Goodreads
“I was transfixed as I watched him; his skin was simply luminous in the sunlight, yet not a bead of sweat sheened his face. I could have remained entranced by him for hours, for in this state he was simply magnificent, almost – supernatural. The spontaneous thought raised goose bumps on my arms as I saw him – I recognised him – for the first time. It wasn’t that there was something unusual about Sebastian, it was that he was entirely unusual. He was beyond human.”

22-year-old Bree Spencer hates prejudice of all kinds – especially the blatant elitism she is subjected to as a resident staffer at her aunt’s exclusive estate, Blackall Manor. So when Bree nearly winds up as road-kill on account of the wealthy Sebastian Templeton, she struggles to reconcile her inexplicable attraction to him. On the surface Sebastian epitomises all that Bree usually despises, yet her draw to him is irrefutable.

Events become decidedly more unusual upon Sebastian’s arrival as a guest at Blackall Manor. Despite her reservations, Bree finds Sebastian intriguing; but his insistence to get to know her triggers a raft of niggling suspicions – heightened by a series of strange dreams and phenomena – until eventually, she learns the truth.

Sebastian is a guardian, a powerful descendant of a sacred ethereal line; and Bree’s uncanny gift has prompted him to find her. But while an anomaly inspired their connection, an ancient prophecy and ethereal lore forbid it. And with Sebastian’s purist brother determined to honour both at any cost, an epic battle with unthinkable stakes could be Bree’s only chance at survival.


Contest Details
Thanks to K.C. King, 3 winners will receive a smashwords coupon for a free ebook copy of Anomaly.

~Comments are appreciated but you must fill out the form to enter.
~Open Internationally.
~Must be 13 or older.
~Contest ends at 11:59PM EST of December 4th.
~Winners will be contacted shortly after.

Extra Entries:
~You can earn +2 by tweeting this giveaway. Please include @thebookpixie and @K_C_King

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