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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogger Interview: And Anything Bookish, Part 1

Welcome everybody. Today I would like to introduce you all to another one of my best blog/twitter buddies. Everybody meet Salena aka Kim. Kim this is everybody. :D


Name: Salena
Alias: Kim
Blog: And Anything Bookish

Part 1: Bookish/Bloggish

The Book Pixie: Tell us a little bit about your blog.

And Anything Bookish: My blog started out as a place where I can use to rant about books that won't get out of my head, but now it's just a nice home away from home.

TBP: Who or what made you want to start blogging?

AAB: I started blogging because I couldn't get some books out of my mind. I was thinking of them 24/7 and it drove me nuts. Once I wrote out my thoughts on a word doc, I felt better so I decided to make a post instead, especially after seeing some blogs online.

TBP: What is your favorite part of blogging and why?

AAB: My favorite part of blogging is meeting other bloggers because they are all so nice. Most importantly, they share something in common with me that I don't with my friends and it is: books.

TBP: On average, how many books do you read/review a month?

AAB: I used to read about 20 a month, and only review about 10 (Yeah, I know. I stink.) With school going on though, those numbers have decreased...dramatically.

TBP: What is your most recent favorite book? Your oldest favorite?

AAB: My most recent favorite book would have to be Mistwood by Leah Cypess. Oldest favorite would have to be Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt. (I WANT MISTWOOD! :P)

TBP: What are three books you are most looking forward to the release of this year?

AAB: Of course the third book in the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins (have a feeling Peeta is evil.) One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt. Lastly, Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis.

TBP: Do you write? Working on anything in particular?

AAB: Yes I do write. I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy doing it. Right now, I'm restarting my NaNo because it truly stunk the fifth time I rewrote since November.

TBP: Any advice for those bloggers/reviewers just starting out?

AAB: If you enjoy reading, keep on doing it. Don't worry about how often you update or how many followers you have--just worry about reviewing/blogging about those books because in the end, the reason why you are blogging will always be there and it is that you love books.


Thank you to Kim for letting me inerview her and thanks to all of you for stopping by. I hope you will all join us again tomorrow for Part 2 of the interview. :D


Eleni said...

Cute interview, I like Salena's blog :P

Sandy said...

I want Mistwood too! :D

Yay for learning more about Salena's blog! Going to go read part 2 of the interview...

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