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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Author Interview: Beth Revis (Happy Book Birthday!)

Hi there everyone! Today's date is 1/11/11 which means the YA book, Across the Universe, by the awesome Beth Revis is releasing today! In honor of Across the Universe's book birthday, I have a super fun interview I did with Beth to share with you all.


TBP: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

BR: I'm just your average, every day kind of girl. Today, I stacked up firewood at my house. Yesterday, I packed up copies of books and swag for the contest I'm hosting for December on my blog. The day before that, I turned in my draft of Book 2 in my series to my editor (which is a little surreal to say). A year ago, I had just signed with my agent and didn't have a book my book, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, is coming out and I'm amazed at how awesome and terrifying that is at the same time.

TBP: Describe your upcoming YA book, Across the Universe, in nine words. (This can be a whole sentence or broken up into individual words.)

BR: A murder mystery set in space, with some kissing.

TBP: What inspired you to write Across the Universe?

BR: It all came about based on the twist at the end. I knew how the end of the novel would be--the plot, the characters, the setting all came to make that ending happen in a realistic way.

TBP: Are you currently working on any other books at this time?

BR: Just finished Book 2! Across the Universe is a trilogy, so I'm going to be starting on Book 3 soonish...

TBP: If you could share a name with any one of the planets in our Solar System, which would it be and why? (Don't you dare say Uranus. :P)

BR: Uranus! HAHAHA no, just kidding. I think probably... Jupiter. I just love the way that sounds. Mars is a close second, though--being named after the God of War and all. But if we're going with ANY astrological body, just call me Luna :) (Yes, Luna is the perfect name, is it not? Especially for a hamster or cat, right Beth? ;) )

TBP: If you were to discover a new planet/comet/etc roaming about in space, what would you name it?

BR: I would probably be very selfish and name it after myself. Then, knowing my luck, the Dread Comet Beth would smack into Earth and bring on the apocalypse. *sigh*

TBP: Which of the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water, would you most love to possess the powers of?

BR: This is something I have actually seriously thought about, because I love AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER and I am a giant nerd. If it was a time of war, I think I'd pick Fire--that's by far the best fighting element. Otherwise, I think it'd be a tie between Water and Air--if Water elements enabled me to breathe underwater, I'd probably pick that, but if Air elements allowed me to fly, that'd be how I went.

TBP: Aside from Sailor Moon, who is your next favorite of all the Sailor Scouts? Least favorite?

BR: I LOVE SAILOR MOON SO HARD. So she is definitely my favorite. After her... probably Pluto or Saturn. (Seen left) They seemed so mysterious, as if they had really interesting stories behind them, and I wish I could know more of their stories. Least favorite? Probably Neptune. She seemed like a pretty-girl goody-goody to me. (OMG yes, Pluto and Saturn rocked! And Neptune, well Neptune was a seriously stuck-up, goody-goody bitch. XD)

TBP: If the world ended tomorrow, what would your last meal be comprised of?

BR: Pasta. SO MUCH PASTA. (Excellent choice!)

TBP: If you could meet and talk with any astronaut, astronomer, etc of past or present, who would it be and why?

BR: Yuri Gagarin, first cosmonaut in space--I'd love to know what he felt like as he looked down on Earth. It would also be pretty awesome to speak to Galileo, and ask if he thought his scientific studies and heliocentric theories were worth the punishment he received from the Church.

TBP: How much do you believe in the study of astrology?

BR: Very very very very very little. I believe in fate and destiny, I just don't believe they come from the stars. (Agreed!)

TBP: Anything else you'd like to add before you go?

BR: In the name of the moon! :)

Thanks for interviewing me!


Ok this interview was so totally awesome! THANK YOU Beth for letting me do this interview with you, it was tons of fun.

Once again, like Courtney, me and Beth are total Sailor Moon (An awesome anime and manga series) soulmate fanatics and I just couldn't pass the chance to bring that shared interest into the interview. I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview! And remember, today is Across the Universe's book birthday so be sure to tell Beth congrats!

Thanks for stopping by. :D


Bella said...

Awesome interview! Can't wait to read Across the Universe, it looks awesome!

Just letting you know, you have an award waiting to be picked up here:

Happy Reading!

Pisinat said...

Haha, funny interview =D
Aaaah Pasta! What could we do without pasta ?!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic interview. I really can't wait to read her book.

Stormi said...

Her book was interesting, this review was a lot of fun to read..though I have to admit I have no clue who Sailor Moon is..LOL

I also new I like Beth from the start but when she mentioned Pasta it was official...She rocks!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Briana & Beth :)
Congratulations on the debut release!
Good questions and answers!
Thanks for the interview.
All the best,

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Awesome interview! Great questions too. And Beth, for the four elements question, you should have just said you wanted to be the Avatar, then you could possess all of them :D

Rachel said...

Great interview! She's hilarious. I loved your questions - they were really unique. I'm really looking forward to reading this book!

Mavie said...

love, love your interview! i've read atu and it's absolutely AWESOME. i shall review it on my blog soon!

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