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Monday, April 4, 2011

Money Savin' Mondays (1)

Hey everyone. Okay so I know Mondays kinda suck. So here's a little something to maybe make your day a bit brighter.

Posting about Bargain Books is by no means a new concept. I've been wanting to post about great book deals on my blog, already do on twitter, for a while now but wanted to come up with a catchy name first. While I can't buy books often, I know a lot of you frequently buy books. I also realize for some of you, this has proven to be a bit of a disorder/addiction. lol. So here's my theory: If you're gonna buy books anyway, I bight as well try and save y'all some money. (You know, so you'll have some left for necessities like food, clothes...toilet paper.) And what better day to do it on than those sucky Mondays.

Thus Money Savin' Mondays was born. This will be something I'll do on Mondays, though maybe not every Monday. It will feature books that are on bargain or just have really great prices. I'm going to try and only post 10 or so and I'll be posting about MG/YA books since those are what I review. If you want to use the Money Savin' Monday title, a small note in your post crediting me with the title would be appreciated. You can also keep up to date on current bargains via the widget in my right sidebar.

~MG Book Bargains~

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~YA Book Bargains~

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~Kindle Deals ($0.99)~

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The book girl said...

Thank you so much for all these great deals! I've been looking for something like this for a long time:)

Naj said...

Amazon has some really great deals! It might not be unique but this is the first I've seen of something like this so far. :D

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My Partner in mean reading. :P
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