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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway: Madly's Jackson by M. Leighton

Good day everybody! Today I have a great guest post for you all from the lovely M. Leighton about Jackson, the male love interest in her newest YA book, Madly & Wolfhardt. You know you're curious. So read on my awesome readers, read on...


Madly’s Jackson
By: Michelle Leighton

First of all, I’d like to thank Briana for hosting me for this post today. She is more awesome than I can say and I’m very glad that we met.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Michelle Leighton. I go by M. Leighton and I’ve authored six books, Madly & Wolfhardt being my latest. What I’ve come to talk to you about today is Jackson. He’s the hero in Madly & Wolfhardt.

*sigh* Jackson. Oh, Jackson! Who doesn’t love a great leading man? I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for one! And Jackson just happens to be one of the best in my opinion. He’s strong and dependable, dedicated and loyal, handsome and bossy. But he’s also got a soft spot, a Madly-shaped soft spot that makes him totally accessible and completely swoon-worthy.

When the first seed of Jackson began to take root in my mind, I knew he’d have to be quite a super guy if he was going to be any kind of a match for Madly. Madly’s willful, impetuous, emotionally driven and a mermaid princess to boot, someone wrong for him in a thousand ways. Only no one has ever felt quite so right.

Despite the f
act that theirs is a forbidden love, neither Jackson nor Madly can fight the feelings that only grow stronger with each day they’re together. And who would want them to, right?

As a Sentinel, Jackson has dedicated his young life to the guarding of Mer as well as the inhabitants of a sleepy little town called Slumber, a place where all the descendants of fairy tales live. Jackson has had to fight to get where he is in the Sentinel ranks, but that’s also why he’s at the top. Jackson is the best there is and he takes great pride in that. He’s physically superior, a great strategist, and he always puts the well-being of Mer and the descendants above his own wants and needs. Until it comes to Madly.

Madly is his Achilles heel, even though she doesn’t know it. Her unpredictability drives him mad and her mouthiness makes him crazy, but her heart draws him in, even against his will. He fights it. Oh, how he fights it. But Jackson soon learns that there’s no use fighting love. That’s a fight he can’t win and one that he’s not even sure he wants to.


And thank you Michelle for the great guest post! What do you all think? Does Jackson sound dreamy to you? If so then keep reading my friends because you are going to have the chance to win mean Madly & Wolfhardt. :P But first, take a look at M. Leighton's other books.

Contest Details
One lucky winner will receive an ebook copy of Michelle's newest YA book, Madly & Wolfhardt.

~Comments are very much appreciated but you must fill out the form for entry.
~Open Internationally.
~Must be 13 or older.
~Ends at 11:59PM EST on August 10th.
~Winner will be contacted/announced shortly after.

Extra Entries:
You can earn +2 by tweeting this giveaway. Please include @thebookpixie and @mleightonbooks

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Briana, Briana, Briana! Thank you so much for being positively wonderful AND being so forgiving of my pre-old age "senior" moments:)

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