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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cover Reveal: Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt!

Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt
Entangled Publishing
Coming April 2012
The Lost Souls, Book 1


What if you were mankind's last chance at survival?

Sixteen-year-old Tess lives in a compound in what was once the Western United States, now decimated after a devastating fourth World War. But long before that, life as we knew it had been irrevocably changed, as women mysteriously lost the ability to bring forth life. Faced with the extinction of the human race, the government began the Council of Creators, meant to search out alternative methods of creating life. The resulting artificial human beings, or Chosen Ones, were extraordinarily beautiful, unbelievably strong, an unabashedly deadly.

Life is bleak but uncomplicated for Tess as she follows the rigid rules of her dystopian society, until the day she begins work at Templeton, the training facility for newly created Chosen Ones. There, she meets James, a Chosen One whose odd love of music and reading rivals only her own. The attraction between the two is immediate in its intensity--and overwhelming in its danger.

But there is more to the goings-on at Templeton than Tess ever knew, and as the veil is lifted from her eyes, she discovers a dark underground movement bent not on taking down the Chosen Ones, but the Council itself. Will Tess be able to stand up to those who would oppress her, even if it means giving up the only happiness in her life?


OMG! *squee* *pets screen*

So first I wanna talk about this gorgeous cover. I love the rich brown and green earth tones for this one. They are so beautiful and really help this cover to stand apart and be distinct amongst all the other lovely YA covers. The cover is so rich in visual texture from the cracked ground, to the small ruffles in the dress, to the waves of her hair. It isn't overly done though and there are some smoother areas to help balance things. For example, if the ground had been overly cracked, it wouldn't have had as nice of an effect. The font is so beautiful in style and the color makes it stand out while also complimenting the cover. (I really hope the font is raised on the final copies of the book. That'd be awesome!) True, we've got, once again, another pretty girl in a pretty dress but the composition is different from what I typically see (though maybe a bit Falling Under-ish), so I'm okay with it. In essence, I really love this cover!

As for the synopsis, this is definitely a book I'm going to want to read. An artificially created race of 'humans'? Yes, please. This sounds like a dystopian book I'll really enjoy though I do worry that, based on the synopsis, the romance may be of the insta-love variety. Either way, I definitely think this is going to be a book to watch for this upcoming Spring.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments.


FairyWhispers said...

It looks really good,

I don't really like the "the lost souls, book one" right in the center though.

Melissa West said...

LOVE the cover! I can't wait to read this one. :)

Jen said...

Great cover

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