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Monday, May 18, 2009

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

How do you describe Elsewhere? A novel so astoundingly original and carefully crafted that its complexities become common place and the common place resounds with poetry. In this delightful novel death is a begining, a new start. Liz is killed in a hit-and-run accident and her 'life' takes a very unexpected turn. At nearly sixteen she knows she will never get married, never have children, and perhaps never fall in love. But in Elsewhere all things carry on almost as they did on earth except that the inhabitants get younger, dogs and humans can communicate (at last), new relationships are formed and old ones, sadly interupted on earth, are renewed. Full of the most ingenious detail and woven around the most touching and charming relationships this is a novel of hope, of redemption and (literally) of re-birth. It is a novel that tells of sadness with heart-breaking honesty and of love and happiness with uplifting brilliance.

Grade: C+

Not the best book I've ever read but it wasn't bad either. The prologue was sort of amusing, but the first half of the book was dappled with moments of dullness. It was in the last half, after Liz started getting on with her "life" (death), that things started to pick up and get interesting. The characters also seemed a bit two-dimensional to me, with a limited amount of personality.

Zevin's idea of the afterlife was truly a unique perspective compared to anything I've ever heard or read. I, personally, have Heaven set as my default place to go when I die, but Elsewhere strikes me as a good vacationing spot. I like the idea that Elsewhere isn't a perfect place where bad things never happen and you never get hurt. It is bad things and hurtful moments that make one appreciate the good in their life.

So, even though the actual writing could have been better, it was still a fast and pleasant read.

Fun and quick read. Offers interesting perspective on the afterlife, though it could have been written better. I'm not sure if I would consider reading it again.

The cover is colorful and attractive but looks more like something you'd see on a children's book.


Liyana said...

That's pretty interesting, though I imagine it must be hard conversing with someone who's getting older as tha day passes.

Unknown said...

Glad you liked it, I thought it was pretty darn awesome. :) Just so lovely. :D
Yeah the cover does look like something you'd find on a children's book haha

Cindy said...

I've also read it. It was a fun light read. It was kind of slow at the beginning though!

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