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Monday, May 18, 2009

About My Blog and Me

About My Blog
The Book Pixie is a book review blog dedicated mostly to YA & MG literature. However, if I read a non-YA/MG book, you can pretty much be guaranteed to see it on here because A) I post reviews on EVERY book I read and B) If I read it, then chances are there are other YAs out there who would like to read it as well.

Some things you can find on my blog are: reviews, interviews, guest posts, contests, sneak peeks, weekly memes, book news, and mixed in bits of randomness. Not to mention my exclusive, unless someone is using it without my permission, feature called Noteworthy Passages which I came up with back in January 2010.

You can always rest assured that my reviews will be honest and unbiased but also fair. The last place you are going to find book bashing is on my blog. (Ok except for the occasional Twilight post but note these are not reviews. I have reviews on all the books and they are fair. You have to understand I have a love/hate relationship with the Twilight series. Besides, it isn't the books I ridicule but the blown out of proportion publicity they get.) I find people who bash authors and there books to be totally disrespectful of the time devoted to writing those books, whether you liked it or not.

About Me
Hmmmm. What is there to say about me? Well I'm a college student majoring in English (writing concentration) and minoring in Animal Science and Dance. Besides reading, I'm extremely passionate about photography. Some of which I actually have for sale. (You can see my website here.) I also love making book thongs and am starting to make jewelry now as well. My newest favorite thing to do would have to be Ballroom dancing, a love I've discovered since coming to college. Oh and I have a twitter account especially for spreading the word about amazing book deals and promoting indie authors at @PixieBookDeals.

What I like to read:
Mostly YA and MG though I do enjoy books outside these categories such as war books, classics, adult contemporary, etc.

Favorite Authors:
~Scott Westerfeld
~Marissa Doyle
~Deborah Kerbel
~Marina Cohen
~Lesley Livingston
~Lauren Oliver
~Lisa Schoreder
~Shelena Shorts

Favorite Poet:
~Robert Frost

Favorite Poems:
~Fireflies in the Garden
~Canis Major
~The Road Not Taken
~Fire and Ice

Favorite Colors:
Green & Black


About Me

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Georgia, United States
Hello all! My name is Briana, I'm 20, and I live in the beautiful state of Georgia. I love reading and photography.

My Partner in mean reading. :P

My Partner in mean reading. :P
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