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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cover Alert!

Lisa Schroeder recently tweeted about the paperback cover for her book Far From You. I have to say that I'm absolutely in LOVE with it! It is so beautiful! The white and silvery color scheme works perfect and I love the font and color choice for the title. Everything about this cover screams, "PICK ME UP!" I already have the hardcover but am so totally pre-ordering the paperback which will be released January 5, 2010.

Lost and alone ... down the rabbit hole.
Alice thought she knew
what solitude was:
Her mother—gone
Her father—remarried with a newborn
Now ...
in the icy embrace
of a deadly snowstorm
Alice faces the true meaning of loneliness.
But hope
may not be as far away
as she thinks ... .

Read my review HERE!

You can pre-order your copy at these websites:


Natascha De Marco said...

I looves this cover! Very prettyful


Jess said...

oooooh that sounds really good, I'll read your review later. and the cover is awesome!

E.J. Stevens said...

Lovely cover! Sounds like an interesting read as well.

Trish said...

Such a beautiful cover!

Eleni said...

That's such a pretty cover!

Tynga said...

What a great contest darling!

+2 Tweeting(
+5 Add my button to your sidebar(
+10 To the first person to guess the exact time I was born. My guess is: 3:15 AM
+10 Buy something from my Photography Website. Remember Christmas isn't too far off. (Must provide some form of proof of purchase)


suzie townsend said...

Wow this is such a cool cover!

Sarbear said...

What a sad and beautiful cover : ( Sniff. It sounds awesome!

Sarbear said...

When I looked at the girl laying on the grown, curled up, it made me think of the New Moon commercial, when Bella lays down on the ground (when Edward leaves). So dramatic! hahaha

Ashley said...

Oooh that IS a pretty cover!!
The synopsis is great, and I like the Alice in Wonderland tie-in.

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