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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guest Post: Shelena Shorts

Hi everyone! Today we have Shelena Shorts, author of the awesome YA novel, The Pace, joining us for a guest post. Hope you all enjoy it. :D


What Makes Your Wheels Turn?
by Shelena Shorts

Everyone reads books for a reason, whether they’re just looking for an escape, simply to be entertained, or if they’re looking for something in particular. I love to read for all of those reasons, but especially the last one.

See, I’m a bona fide love story junkie. That doesn’t mean I like mush and goo. No, I just like to see two people, believably in love, who would risk anything for the other. People I can care about, root for, and hope they end up together in the end. I even find myself looking for that in movies too. I’ll watch anything, as long as somewhere in it, there’s love story too!

So for me, if a book has a wicked plot line with suspense, mystery and can pull off a love story, I am HOOKED. Believe it or not, it is only recently that I discovered this about myself. The other night I was watching the movie Enemy of the Gates with Jude Law. There’s blood, war, and suspense, but there’s also an awesome love story and I found myself glued to it and then realized… that’s it!! That is my niche, my obsession in everything. When I thought about all of my favorite books and movies, it was there every single time!

From then on, I have wondered if other people have a similar preference. Some may like comedy, action, mystery, self-discovery, and some readers may like any and all things related to books. It’s quite interesting to take the time to think about all of your very favorites and consider their commonalities. In doing so, you might discover that it all boils down to one soft spot or maybe a few?


Thank you Shelena for the guest post! After reading this, I took a look at some of my favorite books to find that they vary quite a bit in genre; not that I was very surprised. My favorite books range from classics, to Holocaust lit, to children's books, to historical fiction, and to various genres within the YA category.

Like Shelena, I'm curious if maybe you've discovered a particular preference in what you read and love. Please feel free to comment; I'm sure both Shelena and I would love to hear what you all have to say.


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Sandy said...

I'm with Shelena: I am a shameless romance junkie. I love a well-written love story :) I can read just about anything as long as some type of love story is thrown in there... it doesn't even have to be the main plot point but still: it's got to be in there O_O

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