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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Noteworthy Passages: Haunted

Haunted by Joy Preble
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Pub. Date: February 1st, 2011
Pages: 290
Series: Dreaming Anastasia, #2
Age Level: 14+
Source: For review from publisher.

Synopsis via Goodreads

Anne is trying her best to live a normal life, but she's still got some power sparking inside her. She's hearing and seeing things that she tries her best to ignore-like being haunted by a Russian sea nymph that claims the princess Anastasia is still alive.

That's when Ethan Kozninsky-he of the stunning blue eyes, thick brown hair, and former immortal status-returns. Anne soon realizes that everything she's been trying to forget might be impossible to bury.

Noteworthy Passages

Baba Yaga; pg. 2
Water is not my true element. I am of the earth and the sky. I am of the fire. But in the seas and oceans, the rivers and streams, I am not at ease. I soar through the skies in my mortar. Nothing passes through my forest unchanged--not even this creature that floats below the surface of things, the one that has been haunting my girl. Honed to the bone, as I am. Skin pale as alabaster. Eyes dark with a hunger that verges on madness. Hair tangled and wild as her heart. Like me, she is not what she once was. But she in not what she wants to be either.
Then again, who really is?

Ethan; pg. 199
The rusalka's spell is as fast as the lightening in the sky above us and more potent than any magic left inside me. She's gripping my hand before I can move. The coldness of it shoots ice through my veins. The world around me slows to a crawl. I need to do something--conjure a spell, even though I have no real magic left. But all I can do is look at her. Every fiber of my body tells me that she's the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. Only one tiny fragment of my brain screams that it's a lie--and also reminds me that because I'm now mortal, it is quite possible that I will die.


I hope you all enjoyed those passages; I just loved the writing. To find out more on my thoughts of Haunted, check out my Review.

As always, thanks for stopping by. :D

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