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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Tour Guest Post: Shelley Workinger

Hi everybody! Today, as a part of the Settling blog tour, I have for you all a guest post from Shelley Workinger. She will be talking to us about her...


Top 10 Fictional Heroes
by Shelley Workinger

When I sat down to put together my Top 10 Fictional Heroes list, of course I had to ask, What constitutes a hero? Don’t worry, I’m not going to embark on a deep philosophical discussion on bravery of mind and spirit and other valiant qualities J But I do think that the designation “Hero” brings with it too many preconceived notions. And, as my favorite seventeen-year-old girl told me, sometimes the man you think is a hero turns out to be just a guy in aluminum foil.

I couldn’t really go with “protagonist” or “male lead” either, because I tend to be a bigger fan of those supporting players who find a way to steal the show (as evidenced by my favoritism of Garrett in the “Solid” series). So what I’ve put together is a list of who I feel are the Top 10 best-written male characters. On the surface, they may not seem to share many traits – one is not even likable, really – but, to me, each is perfectly written, down to his imperfections.

Death – The Book Thief
This character could take all 10 slots; a perfect dichotomy of simple, yet deep.

Peeta – The Hunger Games
He’s so perfect that even though he’s too good for the girl, you want him to get her so he’ll be happy.

Sampson – James Patterson’s Alex Cross series
The ideal best friend.

Noah – The Notebook
The guy no one thinks is good enough, who proves to be better than all of them.

Harry Potter
He has more forced on him than any person should have to endure, and he takes it without complaint.

Hans Hubermann – The Book Thief
The dad he doesn’t have to be, even caring for those others find “unlovable.”

Jesse Stone – Robert Parker’s Paradise series
A real man’s man – the modern cowboy who says little with words but shows everything with actions.

Robert Neville – I Am Legend
Exactly who you want by your side for the pending zombocalypse (and yes,
being played by Will Smith in the movie put him over the top)

Edward – Midnight Sun
A much deeper character than you saw in “Twilight”; I’d like to read the whole series from his perspective.

Nick Naylor – Thank You For Smoking
He’s so good at manipulation it could be his “super-ability” – he just needs to learn how to use it!


Wow. So I've only read Edward and that was in the Twilight series as I haven't read Midnight Sun. Gotta say, I find it very interesting that people prefer him in MS. I, personally, wasn't his hugest fan but am now curious. The Book Thief, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games are all ones I really need to get my rear in gear about reading. lol. Great post Shelley.

I hope you all enjoyed that and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. As always, thanks for stopping by. :D

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carole said...

Oh Peeta, what an amazing character! I want to read Settling so bad!! Loved Solid, one of my favorites this year!

Carole @

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