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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giveaway: Human Blend & Earth Blend!

Human Blend by Lori Pescatore
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pub. Date: June 10th, 2010
Pages: 234
Series: Blend Trilogy, #1
Age Level: YA

Synopsis via Goodreads
Escaping from them had been difficult enough, now Laney needs to keep hidden. All she wanted was to be on her own. Laney is not like other girls... she has very special abilities that set her apart from others. How or why she came about these abilities is a mystery she has yet to unfold.

Haunted by memories and flashbacks of the suffering she endured at the hands of her captors, she changes her appearance and hides out in a small town. Ignoring her own warnings, she begins a relationship with a local boy.

The relationship turns dangerous when the boy begins developing similar abilities. This development does not fall under the radar of the men who are trying to recapture her.

A young doctor's interest is piqued when he witnesses her mysteriously curing a young child's illness. He befriends her due to his growing fascination with uncovering the true nature of her abilities, but not without harboring secrets of his own. Laney's new life falls apart when she meets a young intern that seems to have all the answers to her questions. The information sends her into a tail spin. Thoughts of going on the run once again are thwarted as those whom she was running from find her.


Contest Details
Thanks to Lori, TWO of you will win copies of both Human Blend and Earth Blend. One winner will receive a personalized/signed paperback set of the two books while the other winner will receive an ebook set.

~Comments are appreciated but you must fill out the form to be entered.
~Must be 13 years of age or older.
~Contest ends at 11:59PM EST on July 30th.
~Winners will be contacted/announced soon after.

Extra Entries:
+1 Follow Lori on twitter at @Preteach99
+1 'Like' Lori on Facebook here
+2 Tweet this contest. Please include @thebookpixie & @Preteach99

Fill Out This Form to Enter


Unknown said...

Thanks for Lori's contest/giveaway! I filled out the contest form (just wanted to let you know, though, that if I'm lucky enough to win the print books, I already have the 1st bk in the series, and don't need another one).

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

Harpreet Singh said...

Thanks so much for this SUPER generous giveaway! I really want to read both of these books!! Ahhh!! hahaha thanks like x100!! I got my fingers crossed! (:


ArtemisG said...

Blend Trilogy sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

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My Partner in mean reading. :P
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