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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CSN Review: Bookcases & Picture Frame

I recently had the most fortunate opportunity to do a product review for the wonderful CSN Stores. What did I get you ask. Well, I'm about to show and tell.

CSN offered me $80 to use to select a product for review. I was browsing through the larger bookcases and found one that I liked but was concerned about the stability of it. So, I decided to go another route and look at the smaller bookcases. That is when I found this beauty. For only $30.99 and FREE SHIPPING, I was able to get not one, but TWO of these bookcases. Also, at 28lbs, this 3 shelf bookcase weighed more than some of the largers ones which means more stability.

Here are a few of the stats on this product:
~Color: Cinnamon Cherry Finish
~Dimensions: 35.25" H x 24.5" W x 11.5" D
~Weight: 28lbs

Before & After

My Review of Sauder Beginnings Bookcase

Aesthetics: I absolutely LOVE the color of these bookcases! It's a really dark brown with a slight redish hue to it. The wood look really works well with my other bookcases as well.

Assembly: These bookcases were surprisingly easy to put together. It took my mom and I less than an hour to get both cases put together and the books on them. I had bought a couple of bookcases from Wal*Mart back around Christmas with my left over B-day money. Let me tell you, these bookcases from CSN were way easier to assemble. Yes they were smaller but they had a easier way of going together. Oddly enough, the bookcases are made by the same company. The only problem I had was with the cardboard backing wanting to bow up and not tack down straight but we got it worked out.

Durability: After loading both my new bookcases up with books, I found them to be very stable, not wanting to wobble or tilt any.

Value: For only $30.99 each and with free shipping, these bookcases are an excellent value!

Shipping: My bookcases were shipped on September 2nd and arrived on the 7th. Very quick shipping. Plus it was free.

Aesthetics: B+
Assembly: B
Durability: A-
Value: A
Shipping: A+

Overall: A- aka 5 Stars!


Now, I had some money left over with my code and didn't want to waste it. Soooo, I also got this picture frame, DanyaB Hanging Wooden Frame in Black, for only $12.99.

I am, admittedly, disappointed in this picture frame. The plastic that goes in front of the photos was very flimsy and I'm already finding it hard to keep it clean. Also, two parts of the frame are very loose, one part being almost completely loose. It's easy to tell it wasn't glued or fastened properly. Of course, this could have just been this particular frame. (See below picture) On top of that, this frame is supposed to hold two 3x5's and two 4x6's. When I tried to put one of my 4x6 photos in, it wouldn't fit and we had to cut off of the top and side of the photo to get it to fit. I have yet to see if a 3x5 will fit in it's rightful spot as I don't have any on hand. Once we got the two 4x6's trimmed down, they actually looked really good in the frame. The frame itself is very beautiful and most of the problems were easily fixed. However, I'm not sure that I would buy another one.

All in all, I would give this product 3 STARS out of 5.


I would like to thank CSN again for allowing me to review for them. Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to hopefully working with them again in the future.


Jamie said...

I need a new bookcase! This one looks really great! I was driving in my neighborhood the other day and saw a BEAUTIFUL bookcase just sitting out at the curb. I had to be somewhere and I couldn't have lifted it by myself but my bf was coming later that day so I was going to go back and get it. Well, I drive home about 3 hours later and it is GONE! I was furious!!

A Life Bound By Books said...

How awesome is that! Those look like great bookcases and I'll have to remember those if CSN asks me to review something for them in the future.

Thanks so much for sharing :D I'm excited for you!

PS - thanks again for adding my Giveaway button to your sidebar <3

YA Book Queen said...

Nice bookcase! That's a bit of a bummer about the flimsy parts of the picture frame though,

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

How cool you got to review a bookcase! And what a pretty picture frame! Can't beat that for the price ;)

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