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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guest Post: Christine E. Schulze

Hello everybody. Today we have Christine E. Schulze, author of the YA novel, Bloodmaiden. She has been kind enough to offer up a guest post for our reading pleasure. So everyone, give a warm welcome to Christine.


The Amielian Legacy, Where Fantasy and Christian Literature For Young Adults (And Adults too) Converges
By: Christine E. Schulze

Hullo. My name is Christine E. Schulze, and I am a premier Christian/Fantasy author for young adults. Some readers say I am possibly the next great Rowling or Tolkien of our time, though I prefer to think of myself as the next great Tolkien, having compiled a fanciful history for the U.S. just as Tolkien did for his own country.

As a whole, my collection of books, comprised of both series and stand-alone books, is called The Amielian Legacy. While it is not necessary to read any of the books to read any of the others, there are rewards for readers daring enough to read them all! All the books ultimately connect in some way or other, especially in the last, Carousel in the Clouds, an epic, fantastical tale presented as a Christian allegory (akin to The Chronicles of Narnia) of the end of all worlds.

The Amielian Legacy is a vast, thirty-three book series comprised of Christian/Fantasy books. Well, it was twenty-seven, but I kept writing so much I had to expand the collection to thirty-three. I love fantasy, and I enjoy both reading and writing stories that include intricate plots and deep, multi-layered characters. I enjoy combining classic fantasy elements like fairies and dragons with unique elements such as the musical guardians, the Octavial Eight—found in my favorite series, The Gailean Quartet—or the Surpriser peoples, placed under a curse to look like animals.

I enjoy experimenting with language and enjoy doing something different with each new work, like in Bloodmaiden, where the first five chapters are written in present tense to really give readers the feel they're actually in the scene. I'm not afraid to include darker elements in my books, especially when they help contrast those moments of light and hope. Many readers have really enjoyed the mood this book creates, especially at the beginning.

And finally, though not of least importance, as a Christian, I feel both an obligation and an enjoyment in including Christian values, principles, and concepts. Some stories include the serious topic of salvation while many just include forgiveness, love, peace, and other Christian virtues. Some books directly mention God while others refer to Him by a more allegorical name such as Amiel or Aryel.

However, unlike a lot of Christian/Fantasy in which God is strictly allegorical, throughout The Amielian Legacy, it is discovered that Aryel and Amiel and all other such allegorical references are the same as the actual Christian God. Actual Scriptures are mentioned throughout the books, favorite passages from the ancient “White Scrolls”. The difference in names spawns from the fact that various races had different names for God depending on their different cultures and languages.

Many of the stories take place in or around Loz, which is a magical, small portion of North America before Europeans "discovered" it. Actually, the Lozolians, as well as the Surprisers, would often travel to Europe and Asia to study those cultures. This is how they learned of God, or "Amiel," as His name is translated in the Surpriser tongue. I actually consider The Amielian Legacy a tribute to U.S.A. mythology in the same sense that The Lord of the Rings is like its own, vast mythology.

Another note concerning Amiel is that while He is mentioned throughout the books, not much is revealed about His history until the last book, Carousel in the Clouds. A light-hearted sounding title, I realize, but most appropriate, and it points to the fact my books can be good for many ages. While I dub most as middle grade and/or young adult books, being a young adult (twenty-two) myself, I believe both younger readers as well as adults can enjoy them. In fact, I've had adults read Bloodmaiden and grant it excellent reviews, and also know a twelve-year-old girl who loved a short-story excerpt from the same book.

Well, hopefully that’s enough about my books to hook you and get you to read a few—or even just one—for yourself. I hope you will find my books not only timeless but ageless as well. That said, God bless, happy reading, and thanks for having me!


Well I hope you all enjoyed the guest post and will leave your thoughts in the comments. Thank you so much to Christine for doing this post and thanks to all of you for stopping by.

Also, if you would be interested in entering to win a copy of Christine's upcoming novel, Tears of a Vampire Prince, you can enter HERE.


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