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Thursday, September 16, 2010

CLOSED! Giveaway of Ghost Ride by Marina Cohen

Ghost Ride by Marina Cohen
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Pub. Date: October 30th, 2009
Pages: 184
Age Level: 12+

Synopsis via GoodReads
Fourteen-year-old Sam McLean is less than thrilled with the prospect of moving to a collection of old mansions on the northern fringe of a small town called Ringwood. A nobody at his old school, Sam is desperate to be accepted by the cool kids and latches on to Cody Barns, aka Maniac. Cody's claim to fame is performing wild stunts - the crazier the better - and posting them on his blog.

When Sam reluctantly joins Cody and his sidekick, Javon, on their midnight ghost riding, a practice in which the driver and passenger climb onto the hood of their moving car and dance, something goes terribly wrong. Cody convinces Sam to flee the scene, leaving Javon for dead. But soon, mysterious messages appear on Cody's blog and anonymous notes are slid into Sam's locker. As Sam struggles with his conscience, a haunting question remains: Who else knows the truth?


Contest Info

Thanks to Marina and Dundurn publishing, ONE lucky winner will receive a copy of Marina Cohen's YA novel, Ghost Ride.

~You must FILL OUT THE FORM to enter.
~This contest is open to residents of the US AND Canada! However, if you have someone in the states or Canada who can ship the book to you, feel free to enter.
~Contest starts today, Sept. 16th, and will end at 11:59PM EST on September 30th. Winner will be emailed and announced shortly after.

Special Bonus Entries:
~As a little surprise, those of you who commented on my interview with Marina, Review of Ghost Ride, and/or Noteworthy Passages of Ghost Ride PRIOR to this giveaway post will receive ONE EXTRA ENTRY for EACH comment. I will add these in myself.

Extra Entries:
~+2 For following my blog(Old or new)
~+2 Tweeting contest or linking it in your sidebar.
~+2 For giving me the title and author of a book that you loved but not many people know about. Prefer it to have under 200 ratings on GoodReads.

Links (To learn more about Marina and Ghost Ride)
~My Review
~My Noteworthy Passages
~My Interview with Marina

That's it folks and remember, while comments are appreciated, you must fill out the form below.


Eleni said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Beverly said...

Thanks for hosting.

AmazingBookReviews said...

Yay ! Looks great ! Thanks for the giveaway ! I live in a US Territory, Guam. But if you won't accept that, I have someone who lives in Las Vegas. Thanks again for the Giveaway ! (:

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