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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CSN Review: Ronco Knives and Block

I recently had the most fortunate opportunity to do a product review for the wonderful CSN Stores. What did I get you ask. Well, I'm about to show and tell.

CSN offered me $80 to use to select a product for review. Since my mom and I were in serious need of some new cutlery, I decided to try and find us something. That's when I came across this set of Six-Star Ronco knives, yes the ones from tv, and knife block.

I thought that these would be great to try and out and see if they live up to those oh-so-famous infomercials.

I'll start by telling you my mom and I's thoughts on the knives and give you the details:

Ronco 25 pc. Cutlery Set ($39.99)

•1 x 14.5" Showtime all-purpose knife
•1 x 17.25" Carving knife
•1 x 15" Large filet knife
•1 x 13.25" Bread & bagel knife
•1 x 13.13" Chef's knife
•1 x 14.5" Saw knife
•1 x 12.75" Boning knife
•1 x 11.88" Sportsman knife
•1 x 9.25" Chopping knife
•1 x 11" Cheese knife
•1 x 11.88" Cleaver
•1 x 9.38" Utility knife
•1 x 7.75" Paring knife
•1 x 7.75" Garnish knife
•1 x 8.25" Poultry/Kitchen shears
•8 x 9.5" Steak knives
•1 x Knife Sharpener

Cutlery Set Features:
•Hand-finished high-carbon stainless steel blades
•Perfectly balanced full-tang cutlery
•Triple riveted for durability
•Lifetime warranty
•Dishwasher safe


~The knives are very sharp, atleast based on what we've been able to use them for thus far.
~Great selection of knives. You have a knife for almost any job you can think of requiring a knife.

~Really nice pair of sharp kitchen shears.
~Great price and quick shipping

~The handles are not as comfortable as I would have liked. The seam where the two pieces of the handle are riveted on is not smooth, resulting in a slight pinching in the palm when used for a long period of time.
~Would have preferred heftier handles on pieces like the chefs knife, the cleaver, boning, and chop’n serve. These are frequently used pieces and often used with some force.
~The sharpener handle is made from plastic and very light weight. Not sure how well it will hold up.

Overall: 3.5 Stars


Now onto the knife block.

Ronco Six Star 30-Slot Wooden Knife Block ($29.99)

•Designed to hold the complete 25-piece Six Star™ cutlery set
•Has room for extra knives (30 slots in all)
•Conveniently labeled slots for quick storage
•Solid wood construction


~Great labeling on the knife block. Lets you know exactly where all the labeled knives belong.
~Holds the entire 25pc set, with 5 extra slots.
~Nice, heavy and sturdy weight.
~Great price and quick shipping.

~The steak knife slots on the knife block are spaced a little too close together to accommadate all 8 knives side-by-side. The extra slots can allow for you to space them in groups of four.

Overall: 3.5 Stars


In the end, I would recommend both products to those who could use new, good quality knives but are on a tight budget. Though there were a few flaws, my mom and I are both happy with the knives and block overall.


Mavie said...

How lucky! That set looks awesome! My mom actually really needs a knife set right now, but, I'm a bit wary on the fact that the handles are too comfortable. I always like to use a knife with a comfy grip/handle! But, thanks for reviewing this knife set! Seems pretty cool. :)

Pisinat said...

those are a lot of knives! I didn't even know that so many sorts of knives exist O_O

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