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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Noteworthy Passages: I Heart You, You Haunt Me

I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pub. Date: January 8th, 2008
Pages: 226
Age Level: 14+

Synopsis via Goodreads
Girl meets boy.

Girl loses boy.

Girl gets boy back...

...sort of.

Ava can't see him or touch him, unless she's dreaming. She can't hear his voice, except for the faint whispers in her mind. Most would think she's crazy, but she knows he's here.

Jackson. The boy Ava thought she'd spend the rest of her life with. He's back from the dead, as proof that love truly knows no bounds.

Noteworthy Passages

Ava; pg. 11
And then,
like an unexpected rain shower
on a day that's so dry
you can't breathe,
there is Cali
squeezing me tight
and Jessa
holding my hand
and Zoe
rubbing my back.

In that moment,
I realize
a circle of love
is ten times better
than a procession
of sorrys.

Ava; pg. 217
Guilt reminds me
of a stray

You can chase it away
and yet,
it comes back
when you least
expect it.

If you let yourself
feel pity for it and
feed the thing,
it parks its ungly,
on your doormat


I hope you all enjoyed the passages and that they'll encourage you to pick up this book. Also, I hope that those of you who've been a bit on edge about reading books in verse will look at this and see that it is both quick and enjoyable to read. Even I was a bit wary when I read my first free verse book but I'ver been in love with them ever since.

If you'd like to know more about my thoughts on this book you can read my Review. As always, thanks for stopping by and your comments are greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a feature hosted here at my blog in which I present you with selected passages or quotes that I deem Noteworthy from a book I've just reviewed. My hopes are of course, that these passages will make you want to pick the book up and read it. This feature was started and created by me in January in hopes of making my blog more unique. That being said, I would like to kindly request that you do not use this feature as it was intended to be for my blog only and is not a meme. If you see some one else using it, please know it is without my permission. Thank you.


Natascha De Marco said...

I really want to read this book xD!

The Phantom Paragrapher said...

This is one of my favourite books , Ive got her latest on my wishlist - Chasing Brooklyn. I loved her writing style with I heart you, you Haunt me.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

This book has to be a personal fav of mine, great passages :)

Mavie said...

OMG! I remember that passage on 217! I guess I'd say it would be one of my favorites too :)

Glad you enjoyed I HEART YOU!

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