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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Noteworthy Passages: Arson

Arson by Estevan Vega
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Pub. Date: May 4th, 2010
Pages: 318
Age Level: 14+
For review from author

Synopsis via Goodreads

Before now, three things were true: he both loved and despised his grandmother; his life was going nowhere; and he was alone. But when a strange girl-who feels more normal behind a mask than inside her own skin-moves in next door, Arson hopes to find something he's never had: purpose. Using what he fears the most about himself, Arson must face his consuming past and confront the nightmare that is present as he walks the fine line between boy and monster. Dark, moody, and breathtakingly relevant, Arson, the chilling chronicle of an isolated boy with unimaginable ability, is sure to ignite the hearts and minds of a new generation.

Noteworthy Passages

Arson; pg. 63

He could remember the loud, unmentionable sounds at night, the tormenting scenarios Arson fabricated after only moments of adolescent imagination. He recalled coming home one day to find the house abandoned, the man gone. Seeing the structure alive again with new souls was beyond emotion or belief. Where had they come from? What did they want with this dull town? Who were they?

Arson; pg. 264
When Emery was near, Arson could glimpse hope for a normal life, free from fire. He wanted to tell her that he was different, how some days he sat behind the cabin and practiced burning up. Tried to turn it on and shut it off. It was hard and painful, but he was sure one day he'd be able to control it purely. On that day, he would tell Emery the truth, when his powers weren't measured by hatred or anger but rather controlled.


I really enjoyed the writing in Arson and I feel both of these passages show why. This really was a great read and I hope that you'll check out my review and give this book a try if you haven't already. :D

PLEASE NOTE: This is a feature hosted here at my blog in which I present you with selected passages or quotes that I deem Noteworthy from a book I've just reviewed. My hopes are of course, that these passages will make you want to pick the book up and read it. This feature was started and created by me in January in hopes of making my blog more unique. That being said, I would like to kindly request that you do not use this feature as it was intended to be for my blog only and is not a meme. If you see some one else using it, please know it is without my permission. Thank you.


Mavie said...

I like your first passage best! Hmm... I should pick up Arson some time soon. :)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I remember loving Estevan Vega's writing in this. So many passages stood out to me as being eerily and hauntingly beautiful - these two passages included.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Briana...stoked you enjoyed the book. And thanks for complimenting the writing. I'll try to keep it equally awesome in part dos.


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