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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Noteworthy Passages: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Kiss Me, Kill Me by Lauren Henderson
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Pub. Date: January 8th, 2008
Pages: 272
Age Level: 14+
Series: Scarlett Wakefield #1

When 16-year-old Scarlett Wakefield transfers from St. Tabby’s to Wakefield Hall Collegiate, she is relieved that no one knows her dark, haunting secret. A few months ago, Scarlett was invited to an elite party with a guest list full of the hottest names in British society, including Dan McAndrew. Before the party, Scarlett had only imagined what it would be like to have her first kiss with Dan, but on the penthouse terrace, Dan leaned in close and she no longer had to wonder. Their kiss was beautiful and perfect and magical, and then . . . Dan McAndrew took his last breath as she held him in her arms. No one knows how or why Dan died, and everyone at St. Tabby’s believes Scarlett had something to do with it. But now that she’s safely hidden away at Wakefield Hall, Scarlett would rather forget that it ever happened. Only she can’t. Especially when she receives an anonymous note that will set her on the path to clearing her name and finding out what really happened to the first and last boy she kissed.

Noteworthy Passages

Scarlett; pg. 35
You can only worry about what's going on at the time. That's one of life's weird ironies. Because so many times afterward, you look back and think, God, that's what I was fussing about? Talk about a total lack of proportion! I'd give anything to go back in time and be dealing with those tiny little issues, instead of the great big problems I'm wrestling with now.

Scarlett; pg. 95
I can barely cope with talking to a boy, let alone one who seems like he might be remotely interested in getting to know me. How can I even think about boys? The only one I ever kissed dropped dead while we had our tongues in each other's mouths. And I don't even know why he died. No one does. It doesn't look like we'll ever know what killed Dan. And that means that I might as well go into a nunnery. Because after what happened with Dan, how can I even think about kissing a boy ever again?
What if the next boy I kiss drops dead, too?

Scarlett, Taylor, and Lizzie; pg. 206
"I'm sorry about Taylor," I say, glaring at the girl in question. "She gets a bit carried away sometimes."
"She hurt me!" Lizzie wails.
"Yeah, she doesn't know her own strength."
"Hey, stop talking about me as if I was your tame gorilla!" Taylor snaps.
"Well, don't throw people around like you were starving and they were between you and the banana tree!" I snap back.


As always, I hope you liked the passages chosen from this book and that they will help you make up your mind as to whether you plan to read Kiss Me, Kill Me, in case you weren't sure before.

You can read my review HERE and thanks for stopping by! Comments appreciated, naturally. :D

PLEASE NOTE: This is a feature hosted here at my blog in which I present you with selected passages or quotes that I deem Noteworthy from a book I've just reviewed. My hopes are of course, that these passages will make you want to pick the book up and read it. This feature was started and created by me in January in hopes of making my blog more unique. That being said, I would like to kindly request that you do not use this feature as it was intended to be for my blog only and is not a meme. If you see some one else using it, please know it is without my permission. Thank you.


Emma said...

The proportion one is so true. I love those quotes.

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