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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Honey I'm Home... (An Update!)

And I had a very rough first year of college. I just got home about 2AM this morning from college. Between my dad dying, finding my place amongst everyone, family drama, classes, and more, I've been through a lot lately. But I'm home now and it is all over. My classes did end up going pretty well and my grades were more than I could have hoped for under the circumstances. I made my friends and some amazing memories, found my place, had some fabulous professors, and have a ton to look forward to. One of the biggest things, getting this blog hoppin' again with tons of reviews and other posts. My 3 year Blogoversary is in just a couple weeks so I'll have stuff for that. Just wanted to update everyone and let y'all know...I'M BACK! Love you guys and thanks so much for your loyal support.

Also, want the blogoversary giveaways to be even more fabulous? You see that follower number over there? Pretty close to 1500 is it not? And 1500 followers would be quite the event to celebrate with a fabulous giveaway, would it not? :P


Natalie Aguirre said...

Glad you had a good year at college, especially since I know it must have been hard with your dad dying. Enjoy the summer. Ours doesn't start till mid-June when high school's out for the year from my daughter. Can't wait.

And congrats on almost being at 1500.

We Heart YA said...

Congrats on surviving the first year! It's the hardest, and yours may have been more so than most, given the personal stuff. {hug} But you've got 3 more years, so enjoy them. They can be among the best of your life, if you let them. :)

And your blog will always be here whenever you want it, no worries!

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