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Friday, July 17, 2009

Review: Saving Juliet

Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Pub. Date: January 22, 2008
Pages: 256
Age Level: 15+/YA

Mimi Wallingford, Great Granddaughter of Adelaide Wallingford, has the life that most girls dream about, playing Juliet opposite teen heartthrob Troy Summer on Broadway in Shakespeare’s famous play. Unfortunately, she has no desire to be an actress, a fact her mother can’t seem to grasp. But when she and Troy are magically thrust into Shakespeare’s Verona, they experience the feud between the Capulet’s and Montague’s first hand. Mimi realizes that she and Juliet have more in common than Shakespeare’s script—they are both fighting for futures of their own choosing. Mimi feels compelled to help her and with Troy’s unexpected help, hopes to give Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy a happily-ever-after-ending.

Saving Juliet was a quirky and enchanting tale that kept me turning the pages for more. I liked the play Romeo and Juliet well enough but I guess the whole suicide-over-someone-I-just-met thing didn’t really make sense to me. This, however, was a terrific twist on it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I loved the characters in Saving Juliet. Mimi reminded me of myself. She strikes me as being very blunt, saying whatever pops into her head. I loved watching all of the characters’ personalities unfold before me. No one was really who they seemed in the beginning. I, at times, felt sorry for Mimi and Juliet, considering their situations. Some of the minor characters weren’t quite as well developed but I guess that is why they are called minor characters.

I really enjoyed the writing. It was fun and interesting to read Mimi narrating the story. I really thought the writing and dialogue fit the characters. I found it interesting how Suzanne had the Verona characters speaking more modern. A bold but good choice.

I don’t know why but the ending felt a little too short. In general, it was very good but part of me craved for more. Saving Juliet could have easily been another fifty pages or so.

This was such a cute, fun, and fast paced book. I am very glad I read it and I can easily see myself reading it again. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks Juliet deserves a second chance at happiness.

Characters: B+
Writing: B
Plot: B+
Ending: B
Cover: B
Recommendable: A-

Overall: B

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be posting my review on Coffeehouse Angel along with an interview with Suzanne Selfors.


Natascha De Marco said...

Hmm I want to read this one ^^

Thanks for the review Bri, it is awesome!

Sandy said...

I'm so glad this ends well! I liked Juliet's character BEFORE she met Romeo. She was a lot more level-headed. You should read Ophelia!

Sandy said...

Taschima beat me! xD

Liyana said...

Haha, I agree with PP. ;) WOuld pick this up definitely.

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