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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review: Running on the Cracks

Running on the Cracks by Julia Donaldson
Publisher: Henry Holt
Pub. Date: September 15th
Pages: 224
Age Level: YA

Leo’s running from her past. Finlay’s running into trouble. Together, they stumble into a crazy new world of secrets, lies, and Chinese food.

But someone is on Leo’s trail . . .

Eccentric, unforgettable characters and genuine, heart-pounding suspense make for a stunning combination as celebrated author Julia Donaldson expands her talents in her first novel for young adults.

I must say that this book really surprised me. When I got the email from Holt InGroup, I recognized the book, from where I can't remember, and it sounded good so I requested it. However, I didn't really have any expectataions for it. Especially considering Julia Donaldson wrote only children's books before this. So I was, of course, astonished by the immediate attachment I developed with this book.

Running on the Cracks was quirky and suspenseful but also heartfelt and touching. I definitely have to agree with the back of the book when it refers to the characters as eccentric and unforgettable. I just absolutely loved them. Leo was an intelligent and realistic character who was easy to relate to. Finlay was funny in a sweet innocent kind of way and a terrific friend to Leo. Then there is Mary, whom you can't help but have a soft spot for.

This book was very well written and I felt pulled in from the very first page. I loved the alternating perspectives and found it interesting how Julia wrote Leo in first person and Finlay in third person. The funny thing is that I didn't even notice this until I was well into the book.

The ending was excellent. I had an idea of how things would probably end but Julia still had one more surprise for me.

Running on the Cracks is a very unique and memorable book. A gripping plot, intriguing characters, and well crafted writing make this book a stunning debut YA novel from Julia Donaldson. This is definitely a favorite and I hope to see more YA books from her in the future. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. So if you haven't read it, I highly suggest that you do.

Characters: A+

Writing: A-
Plot: A
Ending: A
Cover: A-

Recommendable: A+

Overall: A

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The Book Depository

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Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Thanks for the review! I was wondering what this book was about :) Sounds very interesting. I'm going to have to pick up a copy!

Kaylyn said...

At first I didn't think I'd like it. After reading your review, which was great, I want to read it! [:

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