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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Internet Issues Update

Hello everyone. I'm back and typing from my own computer. After about 24 hours of trying to solve my internet browser problem I think I've found the source. After resetting my internet I went back to add my old toolbars. Shortly after adding back my swagbucks toolbar, my browser started failing and closing out again. I thought, "Well darn. Stupid internet. Let's try this again." So once again I reset my internet browser and this time only add back my yahoo toolbar. All is working well. Then I go to add back my swagbucks toolbar. Shortly after...browser failure. I'm quickly able to disable the swagbucks toolbar before my browser closes completely. And guess what? The tabs and browser quit recovering and closing. I think, "Oh gosh oh mighty, PLEASE don't let it be swagbucks!" I don't want to assume so....I figure third time is a charm. I browse around a while to make sure my browser doesn't close on it's own. Then I re-add the swagbucks toolbar again. 3 to 5 seconds later, back to the same old problem so I quickly disable again. Now everything is working fine.

I'm not trying to slander swagbucks. I love them! That's how I get amazon giftcards. Was gonna try and save up for a kindle. And while I'm really glad the problem wasn't anything more serious, I'm really pissed to lose my 'supplier'. I'm telling you all this in case one of you out there starts experiencing similar problems. I plan on contacting swagbucks about the problem soon cause I really want my swagbucks toolbar back. *sigh*


Sage Ravenwood said...

I had the same exact problem with the swagbucks toolbar. I ended up deleting the whole mess it wasn't worth it. (Hugs)Indigo

Corrine said...

So glad the problem is fixed. Really hope that the swagbucks bar issues will be resolved too so you can get that back up and running shortly as well. :)

Book Flame said...

I gave up with the swagbucks toolbar a while ago instead I use google chrome now and use SB as the main search engine, I have to get my gift cards one way or the other :P

Emily said...

That sucks! What internet browser are you using? In Chrome, you can set your standard search to use Swagbucks and in Firefox you can add Swagbucks to the existing search box so there is no need to add the Swagbucks toolbar if it is causing you problems.
I can email you instructions if you want/need
I love Swagbucks!

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